WE EXPORT food & HIGH-QUALITY agricultural products to countries like Vietnam, chinA & many more.


To meet the challenges of this dynamic sector, we are constantly expanding our service offering across our global network

Empowering the next generation farmers in Africa
Our global trade expertise enables us to execute the supply of food, agricultural products, and solid minerals at the best quality and price to our clients and potential customers. We ensure the transaction procedures are safe for our clients and help guarantee safely secure long-term contracts at the required quantity and price.


Ilera Group was established since 2015 with its head office located in Kano state staffed with professionals and expatriates with a focus on the exportation and processing of agricultural and MINERAL ores. the group has been active for more than 5 years in trading and processing of agricultural produce and mineral ores with the objective to increase our presence in the global markets. We currently have a strong presence in Nigeria with operation bases and depots in major gateways of the country. Our company has a well-defined management and organization structure around which our team of experts and dynamic workforce is built.

Solid Minerals

We supply a broad range of solid mineral resources to a wide range of ports in over 54+ nations globally.
  •  Columbite Ore  
  •  Lead Ore 
  •  Tin Ore
  •   Tantalite Ore 
  •   Zinc Ore
  •   Copper Ore
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Agricultural Products

Our company engages in the supply of a wide range of agricultural products to ports  around the world.
  •  Sesame Seeds  
  •  Dried Split Ginger 
  •  Dried Hibiscus 
  • Soya Beans 
  • Cashew Nuts 
  • Cassia Tora
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Ilera Group also engages in the production of a vast ranhe of packaged foods for ready consumption.
  • Our Organization
  • Services
  • Quality Control
  • Due Diligence
Our Team
Our team of expert consultants are dedicated to helping your organisation through the supply chain process to any safe world port.
With our head office situated at the heart of Kano-Nigeria, we have 5 other locations across the nation.
We export a variety of products to clients and consumers around the world.
Company Age
Our company has been in existence for 5 years now and still counting.
  • We are a team of global trade experts with the knowledge, tenacity, and connections to help you successfully make any product purchase from Nigeria or other countries around the world.
  • We carry the client along every single step of the way and continually ensure we always deliver on our word. 
  • We are always ready to rise to the occasion whenever the need arises.
We ensure the goods we export have undergone a rigorous quality assurance check, thereby ensuring our clients get nothing less than the best products and services delivered.
“We carry out in-depth due diligence on every product chain or buyer we work with.”
We know that safety, trust, and honesty is key to building long-term business relationships, and so, we carry out in-depth due diligence on every product chain or buyer we work with.

No matter what product you intend to purchase, we ensure the product, service, and the entire transaction is safe for every party involved.

World-Class Export Company In Nigeria

With our vast experience in the international trade business, we offer the best exports of the highest standards pertaining Agricultural Products & Solid Minerals 

We are actively engaged in the trade & export of  agricultural products and solid minerals from Nigeria to international buyers throughout the globe.

Our export businesses comprise Ilera Agro & Ilera Mines respectively which together under the aegis of Ilera Group.

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Find out out more about our unrelenting desire to serve your interests.
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Have more questions? You can reach out to us on our contact us page.
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